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Who We Are

Istanbul Law Firm

Istanbul Law Firm has been been providing professional legal services for its local and and international clients for more than 20 years. We have expertise in various legal fields, and we have a deep experience in international legal matters. In addition to IP law and business law, our firm is also specialized in legal consultation, litigation, and arbitration.

Our English speaking attorney team is comprised of highly-skilled and experienced lawyers. We handle every case with responsiveness and accountability. We focus on legal accomplishments and achievements with 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to success and committed to get outstanding results in every single case.

Legal Excellence

Superior quality in all legal services.

Case Specific Strategies

Tailored legal support for each case.

Global Vision

Global approach to local cases.

Leading Law Firm

As a leading international law firm in Turkey our goal is to represent our clients and protect their rights and interests.

Excellent Results

We resolve complex legal problems effectively by focusing on achieving excellent results in every case that we handle.

Vast Experience

We have over 20 years of legal practice experience in local and international cases.